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Prophy-Mate or prophijet

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This equipment combines air and pressurized water flavored with special substances to remove stains and clean the surface of your teeth without mistreating them, allowing the client to recover the smoothness of the enamel. This equipment is sometimes useful to remove certain stains that appear on the teeth.

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Our modern dental chairs are equipped with an electronic system that allows Dental Home to accommodate the height and position of the client for maximum comfort. In addition, the chairs are equipped with relaxation systems. They were designed exclusively for Dental Home for our client’s comfort. The client is able to watch movies, TV shows, or listen to their favorite music while we perform the treatments. Our aim is to provide a unique and relaxing experience.

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Most equipment used at Dental Home is quieter than conventional ones, and are composed hand-drills with high torque and ceramic heads, designed to lower the noise decibels.

The Ti-Max NSK, is designed for high performance, in which the rotation of the “drill” is constant and avoids generating internal heat in the tooth, the absence of this temperature rise that occurs with conventional drill prevents sensitivity in the teeth after treatment. Dental Home covers the basics so that the client is assured that the treatment will be safe and comfortable.

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The endodontic apex locator is a device that identifies the size and depth of the channel through which the nerve travels from your teeth, making it easier and reduces the time for a root canal (endodontics).