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Wireless Intraoral Camera : A powerful display

Wireless Intraoral Camera

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The Wireless Intraoral Camera is ideal to visualize all dental defects such as decay, cracks, color and texture of your teeth on a screen, which enlarges the image so you will not have to struggle to see the condition of your mouth with a mirror.

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The computerized electronic anesthesia is ideal for clients who want to avoid the discomfort associated with conventional anesthesia. This modern equipment is a computerized system designed to slowly administer liquid anesthesia to provide a more comfortable and painless procedure.

The dose is administered slowly to avoid swelling which is the usual cause for discomfort and it allows for a more effective anesthetic effect

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Microsurgery with the Electrosurgery is currently the best option for shaping the gums by removing excess tissue along with its other uses. It does not cause inflammation or bleeding, and is a very important tool used in smile design.

The Electrosurgery has several options which allows for adjusting the intensity to make this a completely safe and quick procedure with minimal healing time, allowing the client to see their beautiful smile sooner.

When the procedure is complete, the client can continue their day normally, unlike with the use of a conventional scalpel.

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The curing light of the Elipar-3M ESPE lamp is unique in that it can increase the light’s intensity by 50% compared to conventional lamps, making it very effective and efficient for curing (hardening) resin.