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Invisible orthodontics in Medellin

Invisible orthodontics in Medellin

Invisible Orthodontics with Aligners

Invisible orthodontics without brackets, without wires and without lacerations.

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Invisible orthodontics in Medellin

What is invisible orthodontics ?

Invisible orthodontics is the technique that aligns your teeth without brackets easily, using removable clear aligners. The clear aligners are digitally custom-made, where with software we design your treatment in a personalized way.

Before starting the invisible orthodontic treatment, you will be able to see in a computer program how your treatment will evolve and the final result of your smile

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Benefits of invisible orthodontics with aligners

  • The aligners are transparent, which makes them barely noticeable to others. They are a very esthetic alternative.
  • They do not produce lacerations or wounds in the mouth.
  • The aligners fit perfectly to the shape of the tooth, each one is custom designed allowing for greater comfort.
  • Greater comfort during treatment. What will be unavoidable are the usual small discomforts when the teeth move during the first 24/48 hours after the aligner is placed.
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  • Orthodontics with removable aligners allows them to be removed before eating.
  • Better hygiene. Since you can brush and floss all your teeth. This reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease.
  • Reduces treatment times by being more effective with tooth movements.
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How long does treatment with invisible orthodontic aligners last?

The duration of orthodontic treatment depends on several factors:

  • Degree of malocclusion
  • Type of treatment chosen
  • Discipline of the patient to attend check-ups.
  • Whether or not dental extractions are performed, among others

In general, orthodontic treatments with conventional braces usually last between 18 and 36 months, compared to this, treatments with clear aligners can be reduced to 12 and 24 months.

Invisible orthodontic treatment usually lasts less time because of the planning that technology allows us, which makes it possible to apply force just in the right teeth so movement can occur effectively.

How much does invisible orthodontics cost?

The prices of invisible orthodontics in our dental clinic Dentalhome in Medellin are:

  • Stage 1: Digital planning in software $400,000 COP.
  • Stage 2: The cost of invisible orthodontics starts in $1,980,000 COP, in mild cases from 6 aligners, which are divided into monthly installments.

(Colombian currency amount of digits are very different from other currencies. Check latest conversion rate here

At the end of the treatment, you will have to wear a retainer, which our orthodontist will explain to you how to reduce its frequency.

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How to take care of your aligners?

Preguntas Frecuentes

  • We must place the aligner from back to front (first we will fit it on the molars and then on the front teeth). In those cases in which the front teeth are very inclined towards the front, we will do it the other way around: first we will fit the front teeth and then the back sectors.
  • Never force the aligner, put it in and take it out carefully so as not to deform it.
  • Do not worry if the first two or three days you notice a slight “lisp” when speaking with the aligners in place. It will disappear as soon as the tongue gets used to it.
  • The first few days you may also notice a slight discomfort in your teeth
    when you remove the aligner, but don’t worry, it will disappear as soon as
    your teeth get accustomed to movement.
  • Aligners should be cleaned each time they are removed.
  • It is not necessary to remove the aligner if you are only going to drink cold water, but never drink hot water with them in. Remove them for other beverages such as juice, coffee, milk, etc.
  • It is recommended to keep the aligners on for at least 22 hours a day.
  • If you smoke with the aligners in place, there is a risk that they will darken and stain, giving a dark and unsightly appearance to the smile. The best thing to do is to remove the aligners before smoking, then brush your teeth and put them back on.
  • Store your aligners in a cool, dry place.
  • To avoid loss or deterioration of the aligners, the best way to keep them in good condition is to store them in the original box in which they were delivered.
  • Every time you take them off, leave them in their box. If you leave them in your pockets, wrapped in a napkin, you run the risk of losing them.
  • If you have a pet, take special care to keep your retainer inside the cases. Pets are attracted to these types of items.

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