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At Dental Home we offer the following financing options:

1. Credit Cards:

2. Pay Online with  

PayU is a leading financial services provider in Latin America, operating on most banks. Your payment will be safe with PayU’s  Safety Certificate.

¿How can I pay with PayU?


Ask for a quote

Contact us and ask for a quote. We will give you the best estimate according to your needs.


We will send you a payment order

You’ll receive a secured payment order via PayU in your inbox.


Pay Online with PayU

Make your Payment with your Credit Card, Debit Card or pay in cash in a Baloto or Efecty office.

With PayU, you can pay with your Credit card or Debit Card, or you can make a Bank Deposit. You can also choose to make a Wire Payment via Colombian providers Efecy, Baloto or SuRed.

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