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Dental contact lenses in medellin, colombia testimony

Robert Barrios


Robert tell us about how he could recover his smile with our contact lenses treatment

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Karl Luney, Oral Hygiene Testimonial

Karl Luney


Patient with Dental Veneers and Dental Implants treatment

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Thomas A. Jhonston

United States
What I liked most about Dental Home was the combination of professional and personal attention that provided results beyond my expectations.


Anish Dave

Luxury Real Estate Specialist
I came to Medellin, Colombia eight years ago for a vacation. I had always heard about the great quality of medical and dental care in Colombia. Dental Home and Dr. Carlos Betancourt was recommended highly.
After years of not finding a good dentist in Miami, I was very fortunate to have Dr. Betancourt work on my teeth in Medellin. After months of treatment, my smile started looking great. He had fixed all my issues with my teeth at a very fair, reasonable price. His professionalism and skill has made me look forward to going to the dentist again.
I have been a client for eight years and have referred numerous friends to dental home. Many see the value of coming to Medellin to take care of all of their dental needs. It is a perfect way to take a vacation and get great dental work. I highly recommend Dental Home to anybody that is looking for a great dentist.