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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If I have resin, crowns or other types of restoration in my teeth, can I still have a teeth whitening procedure?

Teeth whitening has no effect on any type of restorations. Because of this, Dental Home recommends whitening first and that clients wait 15 days (time required for color stabilization of the teeth) before replacement of restorations with the new color achieved, since resins do not change color with whitening.

Can people who have had root canals have the teeth whitened?

The color of teeth that have been treated with a root canal often show color changes sometimes turning black, yellow or blue. At Dental Home, we use a special technique that can restore the natural color of your teeth. This procedure is called non-vital bleaching

Is teeth whitening a safe procedure that will not damage teeth?

Today there is evidence that allows us to be sure that a whitening treatment performed by specialist with appropriate products will not result in damage or loss of teeth. At Dental Home, we have searched the globe for the best technology and products to use in the care of our clients and their teeth.

Can all types of stains be removed with whitening?

Not all stains or pigmentation can be removed with teeth whitening because some are deeper than others and therefore more difficult to treat.

Some color changes arise when certain medications penetrate the teeth in the introductory stage. Such is the case with the antibiotic tetracycline. These pigments are called intrinsic and affect not only the surface layer of the teeth, but they also involve the dentin, which is more internal than the enamel. Stains from tetracycline (commonly used antibiotic) have variables: color, depth and location. This appears more frequently when the medication is consumed by the mother during pregnancy or early childhood. For cases where stains cannot be removed with whitening, Dental Home offers other solutions that will allow you to have natural and beautiful color which include resin veneers or dental contact lenses.

How often can teeth whitening procedures be repeated?

Generally, teeth whitening can be performed once a year for teeth clarification but can only be provided if teeth are not too sensitive, the teeth enamel is in good condition and overall oral health is satisfactory. Dental Home Specialists will analyze the state of the teeth and detect the saturation limit of the enamel. If teeth have reached the saturation limit, it is not advisable to perform teeth whitening again.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

Using fixed braces can take between one to two years and other preventative procedures may take only a few months. The amount of time depends on the growth of the jaw, the face, the severity of the problem, the type braces chosen, and the cooperation of the client. It is important to note that some people respond more quickly to treatment than others.

Is orthodontic treatment painful?

Once the devices are placed, there is only slight discomfort for approximately the first 48 to 72 hours and can be controlled with pain remedies. Discomfort will not reappear until the appliances are readjusted. Dental Home has available special braces that enhance comfort.

Are amalgams (gray dental fillings) harmful to the body?

The root of this question is the biocompatibility of dental amalgam and everything related mainly to its long term use due to the phenomenon called progressive corrosion. With amalgam there is a corrosion that is accompanied by the disintegration of its components, particularly mercury and silver.

Both mercury and silver are easily absorbed by the body that can cause a chronic syndrome call micro-mercurialism. Although there have been a number of cases and informal reports, no controlled studies have been published demonstrating systemic adverse effects from amalgam fillings.

Can all amalgams be changed with another material?

Fillings can be changed or replaced with white resin, inlays or crowns. Dental Home specialists will determent the condition of the tooth to know which solution to choose to offer the best aesthetics, functionality and durability.

How can I know if I am a candidate for dental implants?

Today, the vast majority of clients are candidates for this procedure. The complexity and specifics of each may be solved by a wide variety of implants that are available. Careful planning helps to ensure that each case is successful and is optimal for each client.

Dental implants are an option for almost anyone over 18 years of age and older that have lost teeth.

How do I take care of dental implants?

Dental implants are as easy to care for as natural teeth – with regular brushing, proper use of dental floss and occasional checkups for Dental Home to perform advanced dental hygiene using ultrasound.

Do dental implants ALWAYS adhere to the jawbone?

Typically there is no reaction to the use of titanium, but in some cases (less than 7% worldwide) the body may not accept an implant. Even in these cases, there are options to replace the implant with a different brand, change the size, or by changing the angle of the implant to resolve the issue. Dental Home works diligently to find a solution so that all of our clients can enjoy the benefits of replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant.

Is the implanting process uncomfortable?

Dental Home does everything possible to make this procedure as comfortable as possible. Dental implants are placed under local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. About 6 hours after the procedure there is the possibility of discomfort and swelling in some cases.

The specialists at Dental Home have selected the best pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medication to recommend for clients to use after the procedure and have found this to be successful in reducing pain and inflammation.

When should I see a Periodontist?

Some clients report bleeding of the gums when brushing teeth and classify this as “normal”. The reality is that if you notice: gums are red in color, puss between teeth and gums, frequent bad breath, bleeding gums, unexplained reasons for teeth moving apart from each other, teeth are loose or fall out; All of these can be symptoms of some form of periodontal disease and you need to visit a peridontist at Dental Home for an evaluation and the best treatment for this situation.

When should I visit an endodontist?

Dental pain is the most frequent symptom for clients to go visit the dentist. The pain can range from mild to unbearable because of increasing sensitivity to cold or heat. This can occur spontaneously and without external stimuli or stimuli thermal or chemical. It may be intermittent, continuous, pulsating or even periods without pain.

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms, you may have an inflamed nerve in your teeth and this should be treated at Dental Home by one of our Endodontists who will use the best technology so that within minutes the Endodontist can perform a procedure to relieve the pain.

If you have a tooth that has already changed colors because it was not treated or a tooth changed colors after a root canal treatment, we invite you to visit a specialist at Dental Home so we may advise how we can improve and restore the color of your tooth with the most comfortable procedure available.

Will smile design wear down or damage teeth?

For many years there have been cosmetic procedures that could improve the appearance of a smile. However, only recently have there been improved techniques and materials that can construct teeth to allow for a more natural, beautiful, and healthy smile without wearing down the enamel of teeth.

How are dental contact lenses installed?

The use of dental contact lenses begins with conditioning the tooth, then impressions are made and sent to the lab, the lab makes a porcelain form and then it is made to the texture, color and brightness the dentist and client requested. After completion of the lab work and back at the dentist office, the dental contact lens is cemented on the front of the tooth. The results are dramatic and fast. In just 2 appointments, the client gets a naturally beautiful smile, unworn teeth, while also protecting the enamel without any discomfort. This is a painless procedure and is very comfortable for the client.

Additionally, contact between two amalgams (fillings) for example a top filling with a bottom filling, can cause small electrical currents strong enough to create discomfort or increased sensitivity. Replacing amalgams with white resins can eliminate this risk and also give an improved aesthetic.

You can visit Dental Home to get the smile you’ve always wanted, thanks to the innovative techniques that we can offer.