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Zoom Advanced Power : One of the best in the world

Zoom Advanced Power

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In 2012, the research journal “Reality’s Choices” selected the Zoom Advanced Power as one of the best tooth whitening systems in the world. With this system the entire procedure takes less than an hour. The process begins with a step of preparing protection for the gums, followed by a period of bleaching with hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that can last as little as 45 minutes (3 sessions of 15 minutes each). It is always recommended to have a cleaning before teeth whitening.

The Zoom light activates hydrogen peroxide enabling it to penetrate the tooth surface, oxygen enters the enamel and clears stains without teeth’s structure being modified or damaged.

New clinical studies have shown that the Zoom Advanced Power Whitening system to whiten teeth, begins with a 33 % more effective result versus traditional system and the results after 30 days are 44% higher.