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Dental Contact Lenses

Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental Contact Lenses

Dental contact lenses are porcelain laminates that coat your teeth. They are known by this name because of their thin structure (0.3mm). This is a new technique that Dental Home uses that transforms stained, broken, worn or badly positioned teeth and improves the smile quickly and naturally without damaging the structure of the tooth and thus preserving the strength and ensuring continued ease to eat any food.


The advantage of dental contact lenses include: permanent gloss, extra soft texture, higher translucency and durability of the color since it will not smear or pigment.


How are dental contact lenses installed?

The use of dental contact lenses begins with conditioning the tooth, then impressions are made and sent to the lab, the lab makes a porcelain form and then it is made to the texture, color and brightness the dentist and client requested. After completion of the lab work and back at the dentist office, the dental contact lens is cemented on the front of the tooth. The results are dramatic and fast. In just 2 appointments, the client gets a naturally beautiful smile, unworn teeth, while also protecting the enamel without any discomfort. This is a painless procedure and is very comfortable for the client.