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Endodontics is the treatment associated with the dental pulp (nerves) and the root. When damage occurs that is caused by decay, fractures, or trauma; this can lead to complications such as acute pain, dental abscesses, cysts, root resorption and extreme sensitivity. This requires cleaning and disinfection of the root canal by performing a filling with a product called gutta percha.

Dental Home Endodontics are experts with root canals that do not cause the teeth to turn from white to black, eliminates pain and the bacteria and affected bone are removed.


Is endodontics cheaper in Colombia?

Endodontics (Root Canals) in Colombia could cost  1/3 of the price when compared to the USA.


When should I visit an endodontist?

Dental pain is the most frequent symptom for clients to go visit the dentist. The pain can range from mild to unbearable because of increasing sensitivity to cold or heat. This can occur spontaneously and without external stimuli or stimuli thermal or chemical. It may be intermittent, continuous, pulsating or even periods without pain.

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms, you may have an inflamed nerve in your teeth and this should be treated at Dental Home by one of our Endodontists who will use the best technology so that within minutes the Endodontist can perform a procedure to relieve the pain.

If you have a tooth that has already changed colors because it was not treated or a tooth changed colors after a root canal treatment, we invite you to visit a specialist at Dental Home so we may advise how we can improve and restore the color of your tooth with the most comfortable procedure available.

Can people who have had root canals have the teeth whitened?

The color of teeth that have been treated with a root canal often show color changes sometimes turning black, yellow or blue. At Dental Home, we use a special technique that can restore the natural color of your teeth. This procedure is called non-vital bleaching.