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Ultrasound for Dental Cleaning

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Commonly known as CAVITRON, this tool works with ultrasound to clean the teeth of excess cement, calcium deposits and soft plaque with little or no pain or irritation to your gums.

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In 2012, the research journal “Reality’s Choices” selected the Zoom Advanced Power as one of the best tooth whitening systems in the world. With this system the entire procedure takes less than an hour. The process begins with a step of preparing protection for the gums, followed by a period of bleaching with hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that can last as little as 45 minutes (3 sessions of 15 minutes each). It is always recommended to have a cleaning before teeth whitening.

The Zoom light activates hydrogen peroxide enabling it to penetrate the tooth surface, oxygen enters the enamel and clears stains without teeth’s structure being modified or damaged.

New clinical studies have shown that the Zoom Advanced Power Whitening system to whiten teeth, begins with a 33 % more effective result versus traditional system and the results after 30 days are 44% higher.

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This equipment combines air and pressurized water flavored with special substances to remove stains and clean the surface of your teeth without mistreating them, allowing the client to recover the smoothness of the enamel. This equipment is sometimes useful to remove certain stains that appear on the teeth.

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Our modern dental chairs are equipped with an electronic system that allows Dental Home to accommodate the height and position of the client for maximum comfort. In addition, the chairs are equipped with relaxation systems. They were designed exclusively for Dental Home for our client’s comfort. The client is able to watch movies, TV shows, or listen to their favorite music while we perform the treatments. Our aim is to provide a unique and relaxing experience.

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Cavitron Varios 560 has 3 power modules for different types of teeth cleaning, either internal or external in order to remove plaque and dental calculus. It is a comfortable alternative for the client since it is noninvasive and less likely to cause discomfort.

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Dental Home uses digital sterilization equipment that allows more control of the sterilization temperature and sterilization time of all instruments. This ensures proper operation, continuously monitoring the effect of the sterilization that is performed. Samples are sent to a clinical laboratory for added security, protecting the health of the user.

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The research journal, Reality’s Choice, places the Valo curing lamp – Ultradent, among the top in the world.

VALO has four LEDs and a special lens which makes it easier to harden any type of resin and achieve better hardening and bonding of the resin to the tooth. Its slim head provides access to all teeth offering comfort since the client will not have to open his mouth as wide for the lamp until used in the last tooth.

LED technology is the latest in terms of light emission, ie this works with cold light lamp producing excellent results when performing high aesthetic resins.